As with all waste streams, Baxter offers a national recycling service for commercial customers providing simple and efficient ways to improve recycling performance levels, comply with environmental legislations and importantly control expenditure.

About the Service

Dry Mixed Recycling is a straightforward service that can easily cut costs and improve the quality of recycling through segregation. 

By grouping materials such as cardboard, paper, plastics and steel and aluminium cans alike all together in one bin, not only is spaced saved but less time is expended separating the waste in order to recycle. This means contamination is less likely and your general waste costs will be reduced which is most expensive!

Once collected, the waste is transformed into a product that can be used again through innovative methods at recycling centres.

Check out the graphic on the side bar to see what can be recycled through a Dry Mixed Recycling solution.


Service Benefits of using Baxter

  • One Company dealing with all your waste streams

  • One Point of contact with an account management service

  • Nationwide service

  • Can be collected in many forms. Bags, Front-ended Loaders, containers as well as bulk containers and skips.

  • Regular pick up or one-off service.

  • Helps prevent future tax increases

  • Reduces cost of general waste